Email Listening

Email Listening (Digital Listening) Technology, leverages real-time intelligence on approximately 98% of all internet back bone traffic. Using extensive proprietary Zagdat Algorithms, Digital Listening (Email Listening) can determine when existing customers or new prospects are ready to make a buying decision. These algorithms can determine when someone has opened up a "live" email offer and has clicked on that offer. When an offer takes a prospects to the designated website landing page, Email Listening picks up the keyword intelligence tied to the initial creative in "real-time". If you've ever seen pop up display ads on your computer after you've visited a particular website, you can get a general idea of how this works. The difference being, Email Listening intelligence is based on an actual "live" email offer that someone has clicked on within an email message. Meaning, you can reach someone at the exact moment they have expressed an interest in a product or service from a competitor.  

Email Listening allows firms to retarget in "real-time" a personalized like or similar offer to prospects. Prospects are retargeted up to 4 times with different offers. Email Listening (Digital Listening) can be used in the following applications:

  • To reach your existing Google AdWords (Helps reduce AdWord costs).
  • To reach your current Twitter/Facebook Followers outside of the Social Environment.
  • To reach your competitors Social Media Fan Page Followers (Likes or Shares) outside the Social Environment in Real-Time
  • To reach your website visitors
  • To reach your existing customers when they are ready to make another buying decision
  • To reach specific keywords/brand names

Digital Listening and it's term meaning,,, including all of the Kazmash and Zagdat Intelligence, is owned by MSNI, Inc. For more information on this unique Email Listening Technology, feel free to contact us to start increasing your revenue!  Reseller opportunities are also available.