Daily IP Intelligence Matched to an Email Address

SmartReverse IP Leverages Real-Time Intelligence

SmartReverseIP takes the IP addresses of customers or prospects from Mobile Devices/Device ID’s or Prospects that have visited your firm’s website and reverse appends their email address, name, address, city, state and zip and exports that data back out to the you.

Solves the Mobile to IP address match issue

Leverages our Real-Time IP Kazmash

Goes through our SmartIP Confirm process

Zagdat Algorithms determines the final match

As an example, Dave Pipper is on his mobile device and has connected to several IP addresses over a given time period while traveling. Using our Zagdat Algorithms from our Kazmash Historical and Real-Time Intelligence; we can determine, due to the number of times he’s connected to an IP address and the time period in which these connections occurred historically; which email addresses are connected to his IP address and therefore to Dave Pipper.

If a firm wanted to connect to its customers or prospects via email based on Device ID’s, this works great for them if they have the Device ID’s and IP addresses tied together.

  • After the initial SmartIP Confirm process, SmartReverseIP typically averages a match rate to an email address of 99% to 100% from a given IP Address. A 30% to 40% average match rate applies when appending postal data.
  • SmartReverseIP pricing structure is based on the volume of email “instances” that are connected to a given IP address. For example, it may show several email addresses connected to a given IP address, since a consumer may have email addresses or it may only show one email address (their primary and actionable email address) connected to a given IP address. Firm’s may want only a “one instance” email match to an given IP address or they may want “all instances” of an email address connected to an IP address. Which type of matched “instance” a firm wants is up to them.
  • SmartReverseIP can return the following data fields: Email Address, Time and Date Stamp, IP Address and Postal Data where available, including demographic information.