Smart Responder Benefits

Leverage your email address intelligence

You can tap into only known “responders” within your own email database. This is the real “Gold” in your file.

No more being penalized by your ISP.

Many firms don’t realize that if a firm has email addresses that never respond to anyone’s offer, ISP’s start penalizing them by sending their previous opt-in email file to the spam folder. SmartResponder helps solve this problem.

Lift rates using the same previous platform after implementing SmartResponder are typically 10% to 15%.

Email deliverability is a increased.

All SmartResponder Client files are first processed through our Real-Time SmartValidate intelligence service to check for previous unknown spam related tramps.

How do we determine the responders?

By leveraging our real-time Kazmash and our Zagdat Technology, we can determine which email addresses are “Engaged”. They are the most responsive to offers. These individuals are opening up and clicking on offers on a regular basis over the last 60 – 90 days. Only actual responsive “matches” are exported back out.

SmartResponders is not a flat file

It’s a constant flow of positive daily intelligence we receive. In addition, we can provide (if needed) the following data intelligence.

Date and Time Stamp

What is their IP address