SmartSocial Advantages

High Response Rates - 20 to 30% open rates on average

Our Zagdat Technology ties social profiles to their primary responsive email address

Can be retargeted outside the Social environment

Can be used to build vertical specific databases

SmartSocial Examples

Example 1. Client wants to target their own internal Fan Page Followers from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram “outside” of the social environment.

Client provides specific XYZ Sports Fan Page followers page addresses and SmartSocial transposes those to, Joe Smith, Joe.Smith.34578 (Social ID), and the Social Page Liked or Followed. A postal address can be added where available if required. Several other demographics such as age, income and dwelling type etc. can also be added where available for an additional fee.

Example #2

Client wants Social Data based on their competitors own Fan Page  Followers from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

Client provides a list of their competitors Fan Page Follower Page Addresses from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.  SmartSocial then transforms those competitors Fan Page Followers to, Jane Sires, Jane.Sires. 48765 (Social ID) with an address of 2350 Brook Street, New York, NY. 10075. (postal addresses can be provided where available if requested). Several other demographics, as stated above can, be added too.

Other “options” different from the above services; would be our “SmartSocial Lead Service”, which is our high premium cost per lead service. See our lead example for this premium service at: SmartSocial Lead Example

SmartSocial using it’s real-time Zagdat Technology is able to connect the Fan Page Followers to their “Primary and Actionable Email Address based on one email “instance.” If desired, MSNI can then email retarget these individuals with a personalized offer for the Client using its SmartE Marketing Services.

Example #3

Client provides Social Media Fan Page addresses to retarget. SmartSocial takes those Fan Page followers and connects them to an email address using its real-time Zagdat Technology. After the implementation of our Zagdat Intelligence, those “matched” Followers are then retargeted using our SmartE Marketing or SmartIP Dedicated services with the client’s custom creative offer.

By default to achieve maximum coverage, all email match instances are used on SmartSocial projects unless client requests it differently.