SmartValidate Strengths

Flagging of new pristine spam traps in real-time

Recycled Aged Spam Traps Flagged - Real-Time Intelligence

Validates those previous unknown records

Light years ahead of the competition in accuracy. It doesn't just ping the major ISP's using outdated technology processes like most firms do.

SmartValidate Report Descriptions

Delivery Validated - Pass Delivery Verifcation
Spam Traps
Invalid - Failed Delivery Verifcation
Accept All
Roll Accounts
Recycle (Aged) Trap
Pristine Trap
Typo Trap
Anti Spam
Billion Daily Email Intelligence
Billion Monthly Gross Email Address Intelligence Received
Million UNIQUE Daily Email Addresses Seen

For a printable document of our SmartValidate return descriptions  go to SmartValidate Return Codes

Our Kazmash

Leveraging our Kazmash of over 100 terabytes of data daily; we are able to determine in “real-time” when new intelligent events are occurring worldwide as it pertains to email address deliverability or issues.

SmartValidate is a combination of our SmartInBox and SmartVerify Services. It gets rid of everything from typo traps, fixes common email address misspellings and leverages all of the “negative” information we receive daily in real-time to help eliminate email addresses that are not “engaged” and have turned into spam traps. If these “non engaged” spam email addresses are not eliminated from your email data file, ISP’s will start penalizing you and start sending your email messages to the spam folder. SmartValidate helps solve this common issue.

Other options:

API’s are available as well as Private/
White Labeling of SmartValidate

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