SmartView - Giving Brands a 360 Degree View of their Social Audience

450+ million scored profiles

Using our KazSocial Platform, it uses consumer graphs to map billions of data points. This results in a multi-dimensional picture of your social audience that is expertly analyzed and aggregated into comprehensive and actionable intelligence to fuel your marketing strategies.

Do you understand your audience?

Understanding what your audience has in common is key to successful marketing. Unlock that intelligence story that draws more customers to you.

SmartView is built for data driven marketers

It gives them detailed insights of who is behind social activity as it relates to their brands or their competitor’s brands.

Data points refreshed daily to build, analyze and design audiences such as:

>Social Behavior & Conversations
> Lifestyle interests
> Ethnicity
> Brand Affinities
> Retail / CPG purchases
> Auto ownership
> Political Affiliation

Find out who your audience is behind the social handles

There are multiple ways to create a analysis segment/report, or “Group”. You can input a list consisting of handles, email addresses, or hashed emd5 email representations or you can provide a combination of those input types. Your analysis segment, or “Group”, is then built from the members of any lists of emails, emd5’s, or specific handles you provided.

Social Identity Charts

Our KazSocial Identity charts describe how active those consumers are and in what channels. Our Brand, Interest and Demographic Graphs break down their behavior and characteristics to tell you who they are and where they are most engaged.

    Find out the Social Behavior, Brands and Interests your Social Handles are following

SmartView Sample Analysis Report

Feel free to check out a SmartView sample analysis at: