SmartLinkedIn Connections - Reaching Business to Business Customers

Selectable by specific LinkedIn Group Names or LinkedIn Profiles

Zagdat Technology ties contacts to their primary responsive email address. No scraping is involved.

Prospects can be retargeted outside of LinkedIn

Any type of Business Vertical Category can be ``Connected``

SmartLinkedIn Connections Examples

Project Example 1: Data Export Only

Client provides LinkedIn Group Address Of:

SmartLinkedIn Connections Returns The Following Data:

First and Last Name: Barry Anderson

Email Address:

Plus The Following Additional Postal Data where available (if desired):

Address: 784 Steeple Drive

City: Littlerock

State: AR

Zip: 72202

Example #2

Project Example 2: SmartE Email Retargeting Only (No Data Export Involved):

SmartLinkedIn Connections takes Zagat Intelligence matches from the client provided LinkedIn Groups or Profile Addresses of ( and provides a custom SmartE Marketing retargeting offer to the LinkedIn Group/Profile Addresses. (No Data Export Is Being Provided).

Achieve the very top results!

How is SmartLinkedIn Connections different? The key to SmartLinkedIn Connections is your higher overall open and response rates. SmartLinkedIn using its Zagdat Technology Intelligence can connect a LinkedIn contact to the primary email address they tend to respond too. Meaning your offer will not get lost in the shuffle.