SmartE Marketing Advantages

Emails are first validated using our SmartValidate Real-Time Intelligence

This will increase deliverability and response rates and prevent you from being flagged as a spammer.

Emails can be sent on Dedicated IP's (SmartIP Dedicated) if needed.

First email pass is used to ``warm`` up your email reputation

2nd and 3rd transmission volumes can go out much quicker after the initial first email ``warm`` up pass.

SmartEMarketing will help maintain your ongoing email reputation

1. We provide open and clicks reports. For SmartEmailZone Agency Clients, Real-Time Viewing is Available

SmartE Marketing Guidelines

What are some of the email marketing warning flags a firm should be aware of?

1. Your email campaign is being sent out without running your creative through something similar to a Litmus test.

2. Creatives are text only with no images or just one big image. Big image only creatives are considered spammy and could burn down your IP and send all of your emails to the spam folder. Likewise text only emails will give you a lower response rate.

3. Does your email provider require you to have different friendly from’s or subject lines for your email marketing campaigns? If not your deliverability and response rates will suffer.

4. Are you doing any type of A/B testing? Email Marketing is all about testing, testing and more testing.

5. Is your email marketer giving you open and click through stat reports? If not they could be playing with the numbers.

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