SmartSender Advantages

SmartSender helps build white listed internal opt-in email databases.

Is unique. It was architected after analyzing what ISP's look for.

ISP’s know what SmartSender does and it never breaks the rules. If a firm uses the SmartSender process, they will not have anymore email deliverability issues, even with older aged email addresses the firm may have.

Recognized as one of the industries most dependable permission pass systems.

Other advantages of SmartSender

  1. It helps get rid of incorrect email addresses.
  2. This leads to increased email deliverability rates.
  3. It avoids spam complaints
  4. Improves your ISP Reputation
  5. This leads to an increase in revenue and therefore your ROI.

SmartSender Process

1.First SmartSender processes your current subscribers or prospect file through MSNI’s SmartValidate service.

2.On the remaining “valid” email addresses, SmartSender then sends out an email message to the remaining subscribers or prospects.

3.Upon your subscribers or prospects receiving an email message, they confirm if they want  to receive future email offers from your company or brand.

SmartSender eliminates the possibility of having non-responding subscribers that no longer have an interest in your email offers. Once your white-listed opt-in email file is built, you can start marketing your brand offers to your new opt-in file either externally or SmartSender can do it for you.