Our SmartIP Dedicated service can help your firm with your email deliverability, especially for larger emailers.

Email deliverability can depend on the reputation of an IP address that sends it. If your firm is sending emails from an IP address with a great reputation, your emails are likely to get to the inbox. If your IP reputation is low, your firm may risk being sent to the spam folder. Most email service providers use a collection of shared IP addresses to send your emails. The sender’s reputation is defined by the actions of all companies using the same shared IP. If your firm wants their own IP address for email campaigns, MSNI’s “SmartIP Dedicated” Service is your solution.

For high volume email senders, a dedicated IP offers more control over the deliverability of their emails. Dedicated IP’s are a monthly fee plus the cost of the email campaign delivery (transmission) itself. Standard email deliverability reports are provided. Other nominal fees would be campaign management (IP reputation monthly monitoring fees etc) and creative fees if applicable.


Typically our IP set up  would be as follows:


A. The “First Touch IP” (for initial transmissions).

B. The Second Dedicated IP would be the “Production IP” (for ongoing transmissions).

C. The Third Dedicated IP would be the “Responder IP” (for transmitting opens and clicks).

With a combination of MSNI’s Zagdat Real-Time Intelligence and its SmartIP Dedicated Email Service, larger emailers’ get the best of both worlds.  Contact us today for a price quote on your next Dedicated IP Email Campaign so we can help you get the results you want!