SmartIP Confirm can determine the Foreign/Fake IP’s to help you in building your email file. It can also accomplish what no other firm can do and that is within an approximate 98% accuracy tell you if your “Unknown IP’s” are spam traps, fake IP’s, International, Suspect IP’s or Good IP’s so you are not wasting potentially good email addresses.

Why can we do what other firms can’t do? Because we receive World Wide Intelligence  on approximate 1.6 Billion IP Addresses Daily tied to Email Addresses from our Proprietary Real-Time Kazmash. This is why big data firms are now using SmartIP Confirm only to validate their IP Addresses.


If you need IP Intelligence for one of the following code situations below, SmartIP Confirm can help:


  1. Fake = Non Assigned/Non-Allocated IP Address.
  2. Suspect = IP Address with a history of an Abuse level trap, complaint, bot, virus, etc…
  3. Foreign = International IP Address.
  4. Valid Host Name = Valid U.S. IP Address mapped to a Known Host Name.
  5. Valid No Host Name = Valid U.S. IP Address with Unknown Host Name.